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February 21, 2010


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So glad to hear about the baby. Was wondering how you were doing. I know the feeling. I want to stop time so they stay dependent but want to see the young men and women they will become. So torn. Praying for you.


thanks for the wonderful updates!! it's great to see the patience you have with your children... very encouraging. maybe because cole was so easy that you were ready to deal with a hard one... ;-)

Tricia W.

Thanks for the fun anecdotes. Praying for you as you wait. Tricia

kathy naylor

You sound as though you are in transition....that of a mom with 2 and anticipating the additons and the changes coming your way. God bless you. God bless each of you. Good news! on the baby you carry. How is the adaption coming along?

Julie in CA

Very cute, I feel the same way about my children, such joy and happiness.

Praising God for the news on the baby!

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