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February 09, 2010


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cindi m

I loved these pictures, Kerry. The expressions on Maya & Cole's faces when they are with Snow White is priceless! Maya is in awe and Cole is kind of impressed but trying not to be. In my opinion, Ms. White, Mr. Mouse, Mr. Duck, Mr. Tigger and the Princesses were the ones who were honored to have these two sweetie-pies in their presence.

Everyone looks so beautiful and happy and relaxed. I'm glad you all found time to get away together. I know it was beneficial, and oh, the memories made!!! Thanks for posting.

Love from NC.

Jennifer Macleod

Long time reader first time commenting I love your heart and pray for you often,when you had not posted in a while my heart sank.But how relieved to see the reason was a much needed fun filled trip.oh Kerry I'm so glad you had a fun time!!!!!! The picture of mia looking up at snow white is magical and could be used in a Disney comercial.What a treasue for sure.Cole looks so handsome and grown up!so glad you had a fun filled family time. love and prayers,
Jenn macleod


Great pics Kerry! So glad you guys got to go and have a great time!! Maya makes the perfect little indian :) (and Snow White of course!!)

Sarah Schroder

Dear sweet Kerry! I wanted to write to you on Feb. 1st. but was needing to get to the airport. I wanted to tell you how excited I was that we almost got to meet in person.
I was staying at Dan and Terri Coley's home for the weekend and then flying to Haiti for the next week. You were in town for a wedding and Terri said you had thought about coming out to visit. Oh how I wish the snow would have stayed away. How fun it would have been to meet you in person and visit!
I had such a sweet time at Dan and Terri's. I hope you enjoyed your weekend in Nashville.
Love the bright happy pictures of the Disney trip. Your princess is so precious. And, your prince charming, too cute!
How are you feeling? Still praying for you, your family, and Show Hope.
Sarah in Idaho

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