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February 11, 2010


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Hey Kerry,

Sorry you're not feeling well. If it's lasted longer than 10 days, you may to see a doctor.

But hopefully not.

The smell of Vicks salve is soothing to me; I guess it brings back comforting childhood memories.

Ask Scott to bring you a lemon when he comes home. That always helps my throat feel better.

What that classmate said was cute. Half of it was a very high compliment, the other half, well, not so much. But it was cute, nonetheless.

Lord Jesus, You Are The Healer, The Ultimate Physician. Please touch Kerry right now and let her know that Healing is taking place. Impart to her whatever it is You want her to learn from this Day, and give her Your Wisdom with her re-gained strength as she ministers to Your people. In Jesus' Name.

Julie in CA

I was sick a couple of weeks ago and pretty much stayed in bed. I slathered the Vicks on and blew my nose with vicks coated Puffs. It is hard being the mom, a homeschooling mom at that and being sick. Feel better.


Aw Ker I hope you feel better. I know how you feel with the sickness not going away :( I hope you get better way before Sanibel but if not the nice weather there is sure to make you feel better! xo

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