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February 14, 2010


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Carla Craig

So precious!

mary hicks

really sweet kerry! praying every morning for you!!


Thanks for a lovely insight into your family's dynamics. Future members are in for the time(s) of their lives. They are blessed to be called present and future Hasenbalgs.

Love to all.

Rice Crispies are my personal favorite!:)

claudine t in md

Haven't been here for awhile. Just wanted you to know what a blessing it was to just watch the video of you and Scott at Focus. Thank you for choosing faith and for choosing to turn away from self pity. That's not an easy choice. Thank you!

Please pray for these fellow sufferers (remembermaciebeth@blogspot.com). This family lost their daughter, Macie, in an accident almost a year ago on 3/27/09, just a few weeks after their pastor was shot to death giving his sermon. I KNOW you will take them to Jesus. They are struggling so much and I don't believe they have the prayer support they need.

Thank you for honouring the King of Kings.

claudine t in md

Candice Sneed

So, so precious! One of my favorite things in the world is to watch and listen to my children perform for my husband and I. And now, even our 2 year old son from India is joining in! It is awesome!

I also wanted to say "Congratulations!" I didn't realize you were expecting! The Lord is good!



Sweet, sweet little children! Just think of their future husband and wife. You have given them a great example of love and have pointed them to the ultimate example of love in Christ!! Sweet


What a precious gift, the love and compassion of your sweet children!

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