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March 26, 2010


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Patty Smith

Kerry, I don't know who Paul Singer is but I am praying for God's healing for him, comfort for his family as they go through this, and that those around them will see God because of this. My husband had brain cancer in 1998, it was a long crazy battle that he nearly lost a few times. God allowed him to be healed and he is a walking miracle. Its a long hard journey but no matter what, God is good. We can see so many blessings out of all the pain, including now having more children through the gift of adoption. We are blessed beyond measure!
And of course, praying for you too and your sweet family!

Julie in CA

PRaying for you and Paul Singer. Be Still and know that I am God, something that I don't do often enough. I am really going to work on this aspect of my life.

cindi m.

Yesterday was certainly one of "those days" for you, wasn't it Kerry? I'm so sorry it was rough, and I wish I lived closer so you could have called me to sit with you at the hospital, or pick up the kids, or make copies. But it sounds like God's Grace stepped in and you did just fine anyway. I hope Scott is home for awhile, and I pray that ya'll receive a big blessing from the Bible Study on Sunday. The story of Maya missing Daddy is adorable. She was doing what YOU wanted to do, right? Children are often our "mini-me's" anyway. I'm thankful that Baby Hasenbalg is safe and sound. Sorry about the side mirror. There's probably a whole 'nother spiritual lesson to be gleaned from that experience, but I'll leave that between you & The Lord. :)
Paul & his family are in my thoughts & prayers today.

Love from NC.

naomi cuozzo

Thank you for sharing your needs sweet friend!! I will gather the children and have them pray for your beautiful baby and for Scott!! I am so sorry to hear about Paul Singer. I knew of him through you when we were in DC. Is he a believer?

We are so looking forward to seeing you soon.... just 5 more days before we leave England and the reality is upon us but we are at peace and excited to move on to the next chapter of our lives!

I love that God speaks you to while you are in the bath!! You'll just have to make sure you spend even more time in there!!

love you,

tricia w

Praying for you and thank you for sharing of God's peace in your heart in the midst of life's storms. Love and hugs, Tricia

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Lee Rivera

AWESOME! This has been my experience as well. It's God's grace to busy moms....lol ;)

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