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April 03, 2010


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Aaron Witmer

Your blog has confirmed a message that I am going to prach tomarrow. Thanks!

Aaron Witmer

I guess I should have added my original thought I felt from God out of courtesy, His resurrection is His invitation to us all to arise. Arise from defeat, arise from complacency and inactivity, arise from depression, ARISE! The Easter story includes you and me. We die out to the flesh to live in the spirit in the here and now, not just in the afterlife! I didn’t think about the veil ripping so I am going to use that. Thanks. Buy the way I just came across your blog in a Google search, searching “He is risen, he is risen indeed. You were like the third of fourth one down.


Happy Resurrection Day, Kerry.

Thanks for the spiritual 'Food for Thought.'

Love the pics. The expression on Maya's face as she looks at TR is adorable. Wonder what they were talking about?


He is risen, indeed!!!

I smiled reading your post this Easter evening!! We read the Easter story, yesterday evening with our youngest three daughters....I have heard this story told over and over and read Biblically for many years now, what moved me most was the many Saints who were sleeping arose, so, reading your blog post this evening, I understand and agree with you when you say a "super cool scripture":) Amen!!! I believe!!

Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family, He is risen, indeed!!!

Julie in CA

He has risen, indeed! Thankful for Easter and its meaning. To me it is the most important day of the year.

Maya is getting so big, she looks so different!



Please pray for my friend Lisa. She found out yesterday that the (4 mo. old) baby in her womb no longer has a heartbeat.

She & her husband are blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, and they were so excited about this child.

Please know it is not my intention to cause you any painful memories or anxiety; I just felt strongly that I needed to ask you to pray for Lisa.

Thanks and Love from NC.



I become concerned when we don't hear from you for so long. Everything ok?

Just thinking of you & your family today.


Missing your devotions :(



Thinking and praying for you & your family. Hope all is okay.




I know you are very busy....but we have not heard from you for awhile. Is everything ok? You are an inspiration to us.

Take care- and please post when you can.

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