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May 07, 2010


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Wow! I'm sitting here feeling so much joy for him. Tear filled eyes, and knowing the Holy Spirit is speaking so loudly to me.
Three years ago I really started learning about kids in foster care and wondering what I might do. I've read so many Wednesday's Child profiles and have always been pulled to the older girls about to age out of the system. I've wondered who was going to help them through the next major life decisions and help them in the process: deciding whether or not to go to college, what to study, how to get a job, how to find an apartment and pay bills, and, and, and...
While at the Summit last week I met a social worker from Minnesota. We were waiting in line for lunch on Friday and she asked me how I got to the Summit and I told her about VIsiting Orphans. She wanted to know more, so we decided to have lunch together.
After awhile I asked her what she did and then asked her to tell me more about older kids in foster kids, and what I felt the Lord had been speaking to my heart. She stopped me and said that I could only ask if I was really sure I was going to get involved because everyone she talks to does. I told her I had been praying and thinking about this for 3 yrs so, speak! :)
She said there is a transitional program and it sounds perfect. I instantly knew the Lord was leading in me being at the Summit and meeting this lady. He has just put so many pieces together to get me to this point and I can't wait to see what he has next for me and foster care and those amazing kids!

So Friday night when we met and you asked me what was happening in my life, well I hadn't quite had time to think about what I had learned earlier that afternoon, but here it is. I'm getting in contact with the appropriate people and moving forward with mentoring an older girl in the foster care system. I've been reading the bio's of the Wednesday's Children and those girls are so amazing. I'm so excited!! I love how the Lord keeps touching our hearts to move us to love more. It's amazing.
How wonderful it is for this man, Jelant Freeman, to have your family as his family. It's the perfect picture of what I have been dreaming and praying about.
Thanks for sharing.
Sarah Schroder

velentyne pollard

What is so intriguing about this young man experience and now success, is that he sees the real reason for it. As I listened to him speak with Greta on Monday p.m., he was carefull not to brag or gloat or to make any disparaging remarks about anyone. It is obvious that he sees beyond his past experiences and is looking forward to the now and the future of serving those who are experiencing what he has experienced. I love it!! He will not waste his experiences but will allow them to fuel his passion. He is and will be successful as he seeks to serve. Would that there were more like him and like all of the individuals in the background who when that see another human being in dispare see potential. Blessings to all who in anyway helped to make this story the beginnings of many others and to Jelani as he moves forward to serve others.

Kendall Davis-Volunteer Assistant, Food for Orphans

That is an amazing story. I love hearing how the Lord can make a wonderful situation out of a heartbreaking one. Such an encouragement! It's wonderful to know that our God can work His will in any situation!

Lisa Castetter

My name is Lisa Castetter and I am the founder of the Teen Leadership Foundation where we have a mission to equip and support foster teens prior to emancipation. We have a leadership camp program each summer that brings youth together to not only stretch them in practicle leadership development but in the evenings we provide a message of hope and value. This summer our message is around Jer 29:11 and we are speaking to the youth about their value and purpose. I would like to speak to Jelani and get his permission to share his story with the you. Please feel free to contact me Lisa Castetter lisa@teenleadershipfoundation.org

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