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July 10, 2010


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The Other Alice

Oh, I am so glad to be the first to congratulate you here!!!! God has been so good! Your baby is beautiful! God keep blessing y'all!


Congratultions from California. I have been following your blog, learning from your postings on so many topics. I am also rejoicing with you over the birth of your daughter!


Congratulations on Leah's arrival. She is beautiful. May God continue to bless all of you.

Tricia W.

We are so excited and rejoicing with you as your family grows. Please tell Scott that we send our love. Leah Joy is most beautiful. Blessings, Mark and Tricia W.


Dear Kerry, I have been praying for you and your sweet baby for months as I read your blog... Happy to hear your news and see her little sweet face!
Lorisa in CO


So glad God has Blessed you and your family with sweet Leah Joy. It has been a joy to pray for you. Enjoy your family. He is Faithful. Romans 12:12 --Ann

Jen Mellon Peterson

Congratulations!!!! I am SO happy for all of you! Leah Joy is gorgeous and has been blessed to be born into such a loving and God-glorifying home. I am biased but the name is just beautiful. We chose Leah for our little girl for the same reasons:) Our girls are so close in age (exactly 3 months apart!) I hope they can meet one day! We miss you all so much! kisses to everyone!


Scott and Kerry!!!

I am sitting here absolutely in awe of what God has done!! I am in tears. This post was so beautiful and touching and so personal. It is such a gift to us that you shared this special day with us! I cannot wait to let Jeff know, (who is in Israel) and to get him to visit your bog and see how beautiful Leah is!! How I love that name. I really cannot get over that picture of you and Scott kissing her face.

You have all waited so long and so patiently and your faith has been rewarded. You have inspired us all in ways you could never imagine and we cannot wait to meet her in person!!! And the looks on Cole and Maya's faces are priceless.

Thank you Jesus for blessing for friends and keeping Leah joy safe!!!

Carla Craig

Congratulations Sister! Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!!! You and baby look great! So super happy for all of you!! Love you!


She's here! She's here!!! Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! I have tears of joy are streaming down for you. What a wonderful and perfect gift. So true... hope deferred... but a longing fulfilled is the spring of life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, indeed! What a day of rejoicing! Enjoy every single moment. Congratulations!

Sarah in Idaho

mary hicks

thank you thank you thank you JESUS!!!! kerry, every morning i was lifting you up into HIS hands for a safe and wonderful delivery!! I am sooooo happy for your whole family!!!!! give her big kisses for me! love the name and the meaning behind it! (samaria's middle name is JOY too...probably for similar reasons!!!)
love you sister!


Oh Kerry, I couldn't be more happy for you and your family. Leah Joy is just beautiful. Praise the Lord.



Praise The Lord! Praise The Lord! Praise The Lord!

Reading about the birth of Leah Joy has made my day. I honestly cannot think of a baby who is more blessed than she is to be born into your family. You have such a beautiful, compassionate heart to remember those whose paths may be rocky right now even as you celebrate. I am (mentally) hugging my (grown) kids even tighter today as I remember their entrances. Your post brought tears to my eyes and I wish there was a way to bottle these tears and send them to Leah, so that in the future she will know how special she is, and that lots of (kinda, sorta) strangers (aka sisters)felt the Hand of God at her birth.

Love to all from NC.

Heather EV

AWWW!!! SO amazing!

You made me cry! But yay for you!


I have been thinking about you a lot and been praying that all would go well and fast! Rejoicing with you over Leah's birth. Thank you Jesus.


Kerry she beautiful!!!! You look amazing... I cried when I saw the picture of you holding her for the first time! I am rejoicing with you all and cannot wait to see you guys and meet her!!!!

Maria T

Congrats!!!! The baby is beutiful!! God is faithfull!!!


Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I have been checking your blog often awaiting news of Leah's arrival, praying for a healthy birthday, and now praising our Savior for His faithfulness to and blessings upon your family! Kerry, although I have never met you and you have no idea in the world who I am, I just wanted you to know how much God has used your blog and the experiences of your life to truly touch me. (Your lessons on forgiveness have especially challenged me in recent weeks.) Thank you, my sister in Christ.
Enjoy your new daughter and sister!

McKensey Kemmerer

Congrats Kerry & Scott. Loved seeing all these wonderful pictures and hearing more about Leah's arrival. Can't wait to meet her! Blessings on your family.


Rachel Murphy

Congratulations!!!! Praise God for your beautiful baby girl!! I read your blog often and find that many of our joys and sorrows are strangely connected. I have also suffered miscarriages, but joyously have one beautiful child. Today, just 2 days after the birth of your miracle, I discovered that I am pregnant again, with our 6th child. I am hopeful and praying that this one will be born alive, healthy and whole, and I am encouraged by your experience and faith that God would provide.


Rejoicing with you! Have prayed with you through sorrow and soooo grateful to be a part (even in a small way) of joy! God richly bless your family! Thank you for sharing! Love, Lyndsey


What a beautiful family! So happy for you. Looks like her big brother and big sister have already stepped into their roles so lovingly. Congrats and blessings on this new journey as a family of FIVE!!:-)

The Other Alice

Still praising God! Can't imagine how much joy is in your house right now! But I did give your blog an award: http://asinamirror.com/i-am-sun-shiney

Stacie Vining

Congratulations to you all! She's just beautiful. Nashville welcomes her anytime!! :)

Peace and joy to all of you,



Leah is beautiful, God is good and wonderful. Praising God for this blessing and joy in your life. He put you on my heart today and I had completely been out of the blogging world and forgotten to check on you. Very thankful to see the blessing God has bestowed upon your family.

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