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August 05, 2010


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Thanks, Kerry.

Beautiful post in every way.

Love from NC.


This post is so encouraging to me. Thanks for sharing your heart.

kathy naylor

It seems like only yesterday Maya was dodging her fear of trains. Growing, but unlike a weed. Instead a beloved flower!


Right on Kerry! To the glory of God!
Love your blog!:)
So glad to hear that Leah Joy is in the arms of you, Scott, and those precious big sibs! Again, praise our Father and all to His great glory!!!
Lori in Rock Hill, SC
(blessed wife to Jimmy; mom to 6 blessings,including 2 ShowHope treasures)


How incredibly self-righteous and narrow minded! I dare say there are plenty of women who love their husbands and children and yet are far more capable of being the head of the home than their husbands. As a couple the husband and wife may even agree that the wife is better suited for this so that the house and family function in a more efficient and peaceful way. I would also venture that there are a number of us who you would consider "running from our duties at home" who put in a full day's work and yet are can still be a "good mommy" by your definition of "making and cleaning, nursing and bathing". Not only do I put in a full day's work and do all your defined mommy duties, I'm also the one who goes in late after the bus comes, is home early to meet the bus after school, does homework, runs them to their activities, volunteers at all their schools, organizes and transports to therapies and tutors, disciplines and guides my children and I certainly love my husband and children. How sanctimonious and arrogant that you would suggest that those of us who don't fit into your narrow little vision of motherhood are bringing shame on the Word of God! Being judgemental brings shame on the Word of God, or has that part been deleted from your version of the Bible.

Kerry Hasenbalg

I am sincerely sorry that my blog post was offensive to you!
In writing about the blessings of being a mom, I neglected to
share my heart and conviction about the fact that I see moms
who work outside the home as no less godly than those who do not.
I, myself, worked outside the home when my first son was little.
Some in the church judged me for it and this was very painful
for me. I can remember wanted to yell outloud, "but God has called
me to this and He has not released me to be home only." Since having Leah, I have said many times, I need to pray more for working moms with multiple children because I remember how hard it was with just one and
having to work! So, for makig you feel judged by this blog post, pleAse
accept my apology. I don't know your person circumstances, but it sounds like you have a great deal to do and that you love your family. As for the concept of "one's duties in their current state of life", if God has called
you to work outiside your home then this has it's own duties as part of your current state of life- so may God empower you to do these things
in a way which also brings glory to His Word and His name!

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