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September 20, 2010


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Susan T

So good to hear from you- even just a brief hello. Thankful that your hands are full because that is a blessing... although I know having a quiet moment is amazing.



I echo what Susan T. said. It's good just to hear from you. And we are thankful that your hands are full and busy and doing what they were created to do.

Look forward to hearing about DC and the NYC bedbugs (ewww) and more about Cole, Maya and little Miss Leah. I'm also eager to hear what The Lord has been whispering to you lately that He wants you to share with us, but for now.....enjoy.......each.....moment.

Love from NC.


What a lovely real Mummy post!!! Yes this is just how life is!! But how we would love to hear more about your adventures!! I guess I shall just have to come and visit you in person and rock Leah myself while you share all your thoughts!!

God Bless you sweet sister!


The Other Alice

Oh, I hear you! You said it all: God's grace. It really is enough.


God's grace is all we need. Nice to see you check in and share. I completely understand, my blog has been suffering as of late also. I pray for you often,whenever I think of you.

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