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October 07, 2010


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The Other Alice



We laughed at Cole's realisation of all that you did for CCAI!! You know it is so strange but just the other day, I asked Jeff if he knew anything about Paul Singer and how he was doing. We did not realise he had gone to be with the Lord.

Thank you for sharing this and answering my question!


Kerry I can't believe how big Leah is getting! I miss you all so much- as soon as I get home I want to come visit you! Cole is too cute-- I always love hearing what he has to say :)


Love to your beautiful family!

Miss Leah looks so serious!! I'll bet Maya can't wait for her to look up to and shadow her big Sis.

How is homeschooling going these days? I hope Cole is a good teacher and you are learning alot!!! :)

Love from NC.

Stephanie Tait

Hey Kerry! It's been a long while since I hopped over here and checked on your blog...and lo and behold, little Leah!!! So very happy for you and your sweet family on the safe arrival of this most precious, sweet blessing! Much love to you! Doug and Stephanie


Oh, and Kerry, could you elaborate on the bedbug encounter? My husband has a business trip coming up soon and I want to "school" him on what to look out for.


Kelly Raudenbush

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