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November 24, 2010


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During this season of Thanksgiving, we give thanks and offer prayer for you and Scott.
you open your hearts and touch countless souls.Could you imagine the world if more families were to follow your inspiration example of what "Family" should be.When God looks down upon you both he surely smiles at all you do.


I really loved this blog entry. I am blessed to have many friends worldwide but have empathy for those who have family issues. My own family was affected by divorce and I didn't have that "normal" you had. In fact, my sisters and I have no relationship but that is a long story. Anyways, I should learn to take my hurts and use them for God and his kingdom, I bet there are girls out there who would want a sister relationship. Hard to put in a comment and I am rambling. But, God used this blog to speak to my heart.


just reading this made me cry. thank you.


Good a.m., Kerry,

It has been a time since I have been to your blog. Your family is absolutely beautiful!

I come to your blog this morning and feel very blessed. I begin by sharing an experience I recently had within my home. A young woman shared with me her painful journey through the U.S. foster care system. My heart was broken as I listened to her share her life....her life!! She is an amazing young, 26 years old, woman. She is married and now a mother, herself! As I sit here and go over and over in my mind the words she shared, the experiences she was forced to live, I wonder, what am I to do with what she shared with me. She is a young woman who knows the Lord.

The things she shared with me about group homes, living with exteneded family members and foster homes just really broke my heart. I was and probably still am very ignorant about the U.S. foster care system. I am a Mom of five. My threee youngest daughters were all born and adopted in China. I am aware of horrible conditions for the orphan in other countries and yet, honestly, very lacking in knowledge of the U.S. foster care system.

Kerry, I come to you looking for answers to much of what this young lady shared with me. I notice you speak of a charity or foundation C.C.A.I, Congressional Coalition of Adoption Institute. I wonder if you can share with me more about your organization. You also speak of F.Y.I., foster youth interns. Wondering if you can share about this, and, also about your retreats that you host. Are these retreats only hosted in your home state or do you host them throughout the U.S. Is there a way others can help to fund what it is you are hoping to do, maybe, come alongside and support somehow?

Honestly, I just have very little insight into our foster care system. What I recently heard just makes me so sad, yet, I did see great Hope in this young woman!! I want to be able to take what she shared with me and possibly make it better for those who are close to aging out of the system...which honestly, I had no idea here in the U.S. children/teens aged out of the system, at what age do they "age out"? I knew this occured in other countries...but, did not know that happens in the U.S.

Kerry, I would love to be hear anything you would like to share!! I feel this young woman was placed in my home for a reason. God spoke to me that day about how very little I know about our foster care system. When I read your blog I can truly feel your heart for the fatherless and I feel you are the one to share what you know and how others can help.

Look forward to hearing from you, and, may
God continue to bless your beautiful family.

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I'm always touched by this when I see such happy families. cherish it and take care of each other, it is very important

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