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December 26, 2010


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I tell you, God has very special plans for a certain young man named Cole. He is teaching him truths that it takes the average person a lifetime to learn, if it's learned at all. Keep listening, Cole. You have a lot to teach this world.

Thanks also for the photographic glimpse into your beautiful family's Christmas. I hope everyone is well now and enjoying snowy peace and contentment.

Love from NC.


That is one special boy you have there....what a treasure.


Thank-you for sharing, what a sweet boy your Cole is. I hope your family is feeling well now.

The Other Alice

Aw, how sweet! Amazing! God bless you all and I hope you all feel better and rest well!

may g

what a blessed gift Cole is, as with your beautiful daughters. hope all is feeling better. happy new year.


I used to follow your blog faithfully and loved it but then switched computers and lost the link and yeah well, you know how that goes! Anyway I was given Mary Beth's book for Christmas and while I was reading it; all of a suddden I realized how long it had been since I read your blog!
Anyway all that to say Congratulation on your growing family and I have enjoyed the last moments of catching up with you... Leah is beautiful and I love how you named her!
God Bless and keep blogging! I am so encouraged by what you share :-)


It is like opening a present. I check for updates on your blog everyday . We are all so blessed that you share with us your joys and pains.Cole,like his parents is simply amazing. I wonder how beautiful this world could be if we all followed your lead and open our hearts to God. All things are Possible!!

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