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January 09, 2011


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wow...you've got a little philosopher on your hands. precious girl, full of love.

Michelle Jamie

don't you just love those moments! When you know somthing is hitting home and you have an opportunity to speak about how God loves us through the little and big things


So cute! I love when kids make sense of huge life questions.

Elin S. Hodøl

Wow.....that is really touching! So sweet :))


Kerry, I just wanted to share that my husband finally was transplanted today. You have prayed for us many times. Update on my blog!

Angie Laubach

Hi Kerry,
I thought I might just say a quick hello as it seems we live near each other. I'm not certain though-I saw Danville on the Show Hope blog. I've used Show Hope's "Seeds of Change" devotional several times as we went through our adoption and have passed it on to several people as well. My husband and I are passionate about sharing God's heart for orphans and the gospel. We live in Mifflinburg PA. We have four children, two adopted from Ethiopia. God bless, Angie




I know you're a prayer warrior and I would like for you to pray for me. Our family dog (85 lb.) plowed into me and now I'm looking at knee surgery this afternoon.

Please pray for healing and for me to be enveloped within that peace that cannot be understood.

Thank you and love from NC.


Kerry! I check in to your blog frequently just to see pictures of you and your beautiful family. I'm so blessed to see the GORGEOUS new baby and your other 2 beautiful kids. May the Lord continue to bless you all and keep you. I love you all. Love, Lanes

Jordan Shoe

Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

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I examine in to your site regularly just to see images of you and your wonderful household. I know you're a prayer enthusiast and I would like for you to hope for me.

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