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May 08, 2011


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So cute!! Loved both pictures. Happy Mother's day to you.


Blessings to you Kerry. Just looked at your Blog after many, many months and love to see how God answers prayer!! I continue to think and pray for you often. Thank you again for how you serve our God.


Hey Kerry,

Prayer request from NC:

Young man (Tim) is at Duke Hospital today facing CT scans & lots of other testing for possible lymphoma. He & his young wife are scared but trying to be brave. Please pray for his healing, and wisdom for the two of them to make the right choices as they navigate their way through this.

Hope all is well for you, Scott, Cole, Maya & Leah.

Thank you Kerry.

what is grace

Hi Kerry, your doing really great in your family! good thing the dog is safe just wondering how did you removed the jar?, the little boy is the new romeo :-)

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He & his younger affiliate are cautious but trying to be brave. Please wish for his therapies, and wiseness keep think and wish for you often

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When is/was the trip??

Karen - Mother's Day Flowers

Haha! Brilliant! I wish my King Charles Spaniel was as random as your dog. It's got an old personality even though he's only 2 and a half years old. But I love him to bits and I bet you love yours too :)

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