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October 23, 2011


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The Other Alice

Wow, that is spectacularly awesome!


What a amazing story. Someday when I take my kids to those places, I will be sure to stop in that church.

Stephanie Tait

Kerry, I just stopped by your blog to say "hi!" It's been awhile. And then I noticed this post - beautiful!!! SO wish I had known you were in the area - we live SO close to Williamsburg!!! Would have LOVED to have met you and finally let you meet Juli! Please be sure to let us know if you are ever down this way again! We are well, and pray that you and your sweet family are doing well too!

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I just ceased by your site to say "hi!" It's been some time. And then I discovered this publish - wonderful. that what excellent comes in and through the life of our kids is because of you and for your wonder alone.

what is grace

Hi!! this is a heartwarming story! there are some times that you don't really know what to do, but as long you will let god be in your heart doing those impossible things is not impossible. I'll be sure to drop by in the church to pray for you and all of us!

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I am so behind, I didn't even know you were having a new baby. Congratulations and Praise God for his beautiful blessings! God is so good.

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