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March 25, 2012


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OH MY GOSH!!!! Was missing your updates and surprised to see you pregnant, but so happy. Will be praying for you. What a huge year you have had with so many things to cherish.




I'm so glad I stopped in tonight & checked your site.


In the words of someone specials' song: "I can see the Fingerprints of God....when I look at you" and your beautiful family.

You & Scott look marvelous, and I'm so glad ya'll have made so many good memories recently. Cole & Maya continue to grow like weeds and Leah has morphed into a mini-Maya!

Thank you so much for giving us a crash course on 'catching up with ya.'

God bless!
Love from NC.


Such beautiful kiddos! Congratulations on the new precious gift coming your way! Your pics also reminded me how much I would love to go back to Rome! My husband and I got to visit Rome and Florence a couple years ago! Sounds like you've been thoroughly busy with life!


What joy it brought my heart to see that baby-full belly of yours!! Had no idea! Thanks for the update!Yall look wonderful. Wishing you abundant joy in this season!


Good to SEE you all. And what good news of Maya and Cole stepping forward in their life with Christ. I just thought how we all have an eternity (thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ)to get to know one another! I as sure life for ya'll was just moving along like my own daughters, and that is why we were not hearing from you. May God continue to bless you overflowingly! Indeed!

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Wonderful news about baby #5!!! I check often and glad to see an update.

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Happy Mother's Day weekend!!!

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Ik zo zeker leven voor YA'LL was gewoon bewegen mee als mijn eigen dochters, en dat is de reden waarom we niet van u te horen. Moge God blijven overflowingly zegene u! Inderdaad!

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Love the recap in pictures. Life is good!

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Great photos. You guys look like you enjoyed your vacation.

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