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June 14, 2012


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Cole is spot on!! I am just a little disappointed that you did not share a picture of the capris! LOL!!! And we will certainly be praying for you. In fact it is weird that I saw you had posted because last night I had a dream about you and Scott and the children and that you came to visit us. You were just about to have her and I kept saying to you that you looked so slim to say you were at the end of your pregnancy! That made you smile! But it was true. You were tiny!!

I look forward to seeing pictures of your new baby girl.

love you!

melissa w

cole is just too funny. haha!


I've been checking for an update the last couple of days. Been thinking of you!

I love how Cole continues to tell the Truth in love, and with tact and compassion. Would it be possible for a seamstress in your friend/family circle to transform the capris and create something "different"? (i.e. small pillowcase, bookmarks, potholder) It would be cool to have a visual reminder of this memory made, and a lesson learned.

Happy Father's Day to Scott on Sunday.

Prayers to your very special family.
Love from NC.


Praying for a safe and healthy delivery.


Praying for all of you and your new baby girl. Love how Cole just tells it like it is, but is also so careful about other's feelings.
Blessings to you and yours!

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WOW... I had no idea you were pregnant! How exciting. Praying for a easy delivery! Congrads

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