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wendy visiting for New Years
Christmas Cole with presents
Christmas Eve Prayer circle
Cole's Christmas concert
Bowl full of Incense
an evening by the fire
Our cousins
Van Wagner, Brane Crane, Walt & Suzanne led singing circle
Kids singing circle
Nanna Marks (my mom)
Ava, Cole, Eva, & Noah
Jeff and Naomi visiting
Cuozzos visit
Blogging buddies
Bobby, Jenn, T.R. and Jacob on Thanksgiving
Melanie Hall, Natalie Gillespie, Eileen Mestas, and me at ShowHope event
Chapman and Richards Wedding
Maya and her shades in Nashville
Cole, Nathan, Will at Bear Creek Nature Camp
Stevey Joy, Shaoey, Maya and Cole
Hills,chappys, has
Cole and SCC
SCC Concert in China
Steve and Mary Beth with Hope foster kids
Scott and I at Hope Foster Home with precious little ones
dinner time at Hope foster home
Fellowshipping in China
On the bus  - heading to next concert in China
Buddy Nathan
My dear friend Paul who could use some prayer
Wes and Vicki Bentley of Far Reaching Ministries
Bible Study girls